You will evaluate your company with our “Glass Company 5-step Transparency Diagnostic” to assess your company and how successful you will be in the new Transparent World.

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    Company Transparency overview

    Transparent  Companies  make positive contributing to society. Transparent companies  Do well by Doing Good – we found they grow 2x versus their non transparent competition .  The  DNA  of Transparent Companies High integrity; a positive sense of vision and purpose for both the company and leader; they see themselves as fixture in the community; pursue win/win relationships with all their stakeholders;Transparent companies listen to what the stakeholders think of the company. Transparent companies  suppliers, customers and employees online conversation is what fuels their growth.  


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    Terminal values diagnostic

    Terminal Values is the philosophy that a Company’s ultimate success is determined on how well their overall Values are aligned (centered) with both employees and business partners – by job function and in establishing an optimum business climate. 

    The underlying philosophy behind Terminal Values is that to truly be happy in your working environment your core values drive everything. Further, a happy environment is a successful one.

    An Internal Company Survey is completed to determine the 5 overall “Terminal Values” that express the general business climate of Company. These would be those “collective intrinsic” Values that act as the interwoven fabric of the Company. Those values that employees would be willing to go to the Hill and Die for”.

    A Company-Wide survey is conducted with all 49 Terminal Values in play. The 5 Values with the greatest vote total then become the Company’s “Core” Terminal Values and act as a foundation to build upon.


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    Centered Values Diagnostic

    The foundation for the Terminal Value program begins by understanding the Central Values System of the Company, employees, and their Business Partners through a series of Surveys.

    Surveys are utilized to establish an “average” baseline for Company’s overall Terminal Values (general business climate) and also at a more granular job Level.

    Internal Company Survey

    Leadership Survey

    Business Partner Survey’s (Customers/Vendors)

    Value target

    Survey’s are then evaluated to determine how well “centered” everyone is within their environment (degree of separation), to include a guide for calibration.



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    Transparency Leadership Diagnostic

    Leadership Survey is completed to determine “Intrinsic” Values for each Career Level position.

    For each “Intrinsic” Value Leadership team will then agree on 5 “Terminal Values” for each.

    Each Terminal Value will be given a number from 1-10.

    It is important to note that these values are not of traditional weight, they are simply a degree of separation from center, with center being the pre determined values selected by the Leadership Survey for each “Career Level” Position.

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    Transparent Teamwork Diagnostic

    The program suggests that it is not enough to be centered within your organization, but how well your value system is aligned with Business Partners that equally contributes to the overall success of the organization – a belief system should be as much internal as it is external.

    Survey’s are conducted with both “Vendors and Customers”, and then compared to the general business climate of the organization.

    Standard Operating Procedures are created for bringing both employees and business partners to “Center” based on degree of separation.