Dr. Edward Straub

We’ve already talked about the importance of an engaged workforce .  There is a great deal of research to suggest that most of the time most of us are not fully engaged at work.  In 2014, Gallup estimated that over half of the workforce was not engaged in their jobs and nearly one fifth are “actively disengaged.”  In an estimate from 2012 these disengaged workers cost the U.S. economy $450-$550B up from Gallup’s 2002 estimate of $350B.  Engaged workers are physically, mentally, and emotionally attached to their work role (disengaged workers are withdrawn from their role).

What can you do to make sure your employees are engaged?  Indeed, what you do to make sure YOU stay engaged.  Our research suggests that engagement is positively influenced by having a shared vision.  Create a commonly-desired objective with your employees and managers and everyone is more likely to be engaged.  Take this one step further and build your business around a shared vision created with your customers and the sky is the limit.

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