Dr. Solange Charas

Traditionally, we believe that a focus on the finish line is what drives success, but new research has found that when you care about others and focus on getting along with co-workers, subordinates, bosses and your clients/customers, greater success is realized.  “Getting along” cultures rewards traits that describe transparent organizations – they value honesty, trust, morality, altruism, team-mindedness and a focus on others’ personal benefit.  “Getting ahead” cultures focus on power and control, manipulation of others, self-interest, unbridled assertiveness, lack of empathy, self-promotion and the culture of “winning at all costs.”  The study found that organizations with “getting along” cultures outperform organizations with “getting ahead” cultures significantly for ROA and ROI.  So stop focusing on “coming in first” and start focusing on the path you travel with other that get you there.

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