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Glass Company Book

Harness the Disruptive Nature of Transparency in your Business

"The truth hurts."┬á But does it REALLY?┬á┬á In┬á“The Glass Company”┬áyou'll find that the answer is not only a resounding┬á"NO!",┬ábut that the truth actually provides a better solution - even if it is negative.┬á┬á For instance, in a Transparent World a 'difference of opinion' is NOT a negative, but is instead considered Creative Conflict; and is an incentive to revisit and perhaps reestablish core values, initiatives, and roles┬á to achieve a company's vision.┬á

“The Glass Company”┬áprovides insight into the new Transparent World of business; an environment reflective of challenges and opportunities for revenue and professional growth.┬á Investors, current and potential employees, suppliers, clients, and potential clients continually assess whether (and if so - how much) to invest their resources with your enterprise.┬á So whether they see your Transparent World in a positive light, or their view includes some not-so-positive, and even some negatives realities - transparency is essential to growth.┬á┬á“The Glass Company”┬áwill make it crystal clear that transparency is key to attracting the resources needed for corporate, employee, client, and investor growth and success.

“The Glass Company”┬áis a guide for business leaders; how to lead, hire and sell in the new Transparent World.┬á What's your incentive to explore The Glass Company?┬á Transparent companies grow their business twice as quickly as those that are non-transparent. “The Glass Company”┬áprovides measurable, actionable protocols of how to harness the disruptive power of the masses and Transparency; to create, leverage, and maintain your competitive advantage.

The research is clear and compelling: Companies that do good for society, do well in business ÔÇô better than the competition.┬á┬á┬á“The Glass Company”┬áincludes documented business growth; led by presidents and business owners who implement transparent business practices - reflecting a “Glass Company.”┬á Their successful business growth is a result of being┬átransparent,┬áas well as from┬áreferrals by their customers,┬áemployees and suppliers. Companies that do well and excel, recognize that the transparent business world is a bridge for their message ÔÇô a means for broad dissemination enabled by the Internet. ÔÇ£The Glass CompanyÔÇØ navigates the way.

Embrace and engage the disruptive nature of Transparency in your business. Evaluate your company with "The Glass Company 5-step Transparency DiagnosticÔÇØ. Assess your companyÔÇÖs ability to be successful in the new Transparent World. Our five-step Transparency diagnostic is an assessment tool; designed to identify and define your current Transparent business practices, Terminal and Centered Values, Team dynamic, Leadership. Hiring and Digital Selling Strategy. Based on this assessment, ÔÇ£The Glass CompanyÔÇØ provides a road map to develop and implement an effective plan for your business - to experience business growth and success in the new Transparent World.