Chuck Sarka, Organizational Anthropologist / Coach

Chuck Sarka is an organizational anthropologist and leadership coach specializing in strategic human resources, change management, team building, positive employee relations, and leadership development. He has spent the last 38 years studying group dynamics that foster positive relations between leadership teams and their followers. Chuck has worked developing positive work environments and building leadership teams all over the world including, South America, Mexico, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, UK, Australia and Canada.

Chuck Graduated from Heidelberg College with concentrations in both economics and psychology and then went on to obtain a Masters degree from Cleveland State University. He is certified in many of the top assessment tools, which he blends together help form high performance heterogeneous thinking groups as well to set the stage for individual career counseling and job enrichment.

Chuck’s high-energy ‘Thought-ta-tional’ speaking style has been used by Delta, Wells Fargo, Hoover-Dirt Devil, USIS, Phoenix Steel, Homax, Welty Construction, Stanly Black and Decker and GE to revive and transform leadership principles into everyday practices that build on the fact: The size Bite you get out of Life is based on the IMPACT that you make and that there is an ÔÇ£IÔÇØ in Team, leading to bottom line productivity.