Joe Mazzella, Business Strategist

Joe Mazzella is a Sales, business development and process leader with multi-discipline industry expertise and a 20+ year track record of success in growing revenues and profits.  Joe is a Six Sigma Black Belt Productivity specialist; developing, implementing and measuring strategies. His systematic approach utilizes key metrics for reporting, analyzing data, and measuring results. Joe is passionate about the creation and effective use of technology to enhance business processes, strategy, planning & execution; utilizing design and implementation of sales communications and training initiatives, lead generation programs, sales targets, and compensation models.

Joe Mazzella’s Past work experience includes leadership roles with McGraw-Hill Construction and Akzo Nobel. Job responsibilities have included Publisher, VP Transactional Sales, Director Sales Operations, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Business Process Leader.  Joe is currently President of Engineering Director, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in developing, implementing,  measuring, and administrating lean business processes and strategies through the effective use of information technology and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

You can learn more about Joe on LinkedIn.